Sigrun Wyrd

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Intuitive Empathetic Energy Healer, Rune, Tarot, and Oracle Card reader Are you lost in love? Mystified by money? Have career confusion? Or does this modern world just have you stressed, feeling drained, and alone? Well fellow traveler, the wisdom of the ancients are here to help! The runes are method of divination and energy healing that are dated back to 1300 BC. I utilize them as well as my intuitive gifts to analyze and diagnose the energy surrounding the past, present, and future of people and situations. Together we can help you direct that energy to heal and guide you to a future you desire! About me I’m honored to be on this journey with you! For as long as I can remember, I have been an energy healer and empath. Growing up around family members who were shattered from their own childhood trauma, I was able to take on their emotions and navigate them through pain. Later, I utilized my gifts in a therapeutic setting as a social worker to aid in personal growth and healing. Today, I want to help you take the reins back in your life and travel smoothly to the life you deserve!


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