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I am a practiced , highly sensitive empath with the gifts of clairvoyance, claircognizance and clairaudience. I utilize Tarot, Oracle, and Psych Cards in my tarot sessions. I always will utilize my Psych and Oracle decks for Life coaching and advice. With over 6 years experience I have practiced as a Tarot reader, Oracle reader and Life Structures Advisor for many Souls needing a light to find the right path. I am a gentle soul that picks up a vast amount of information on the topic. I work very well with those looking for insight on how to improve themselves personally, life purpose and relationship coaching and advice for all types of relationships. I simply ask of you be honest with yourself first and know that it is okay to feel safe and become vulnerable while we have our session, that way you can be your true authentic self for the best response that is in alignment with your soul.


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4.00 (1)

Helena 13 Aug