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I am a trained psychic advisor specializing in Intuitive Arts: Tarot , Western and Vedic Astrology. I am a trained EMPATH who uses the tools of Tarot and Predictive Astrology here on Temple Bliss. Both tools work for anyone needing insight on the likely outcome of any issue of concern. Yet, TAROT is best to unravel your more complex emotional questions, while ASTROLOGY works better when you need the big picture overview of the dynamics and timing of a situation . TAROT- I give you detailed information on nature and likely outcome on ANY LIFE ISSUE or GENERAL QUESTION EXAMPLES of TAROT READINGS PAST PRESENT FUTURE READING for any question BIRTHDAY READING for the year what lies ahead PROBLEM /SOLUTIONS READING explore the root of any challenges and learn ways to handle them RELATIONSHIP READING answers the question how he /she is feeling about you now , and where the relationship is headed . Is it a healthy or toxic connection ? Valid for romantic or business relationships. CAREER , WORK, MONEY READING ask about where and how to find work and career , your current strengths and challenges in finding meaningful work and developing financial prosperity.


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