Vada Marie

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I am an empath, animal lover, intuitive tarot reader, and spiritual coach. Like you, I am a spiritual being experiencing a wild human existence. ⭐️ My journey to this point has been all uphill but I love the me that evolved along the way. I did the harrowing work to overcome traumas, learn to forgive and most importantly, learn to love myself. I have found my worth, my purpose and learned how to truly be and align with love, and the universal energy to make my wishes come true. This journey has been emotional, it’s been lonely, and at times it seemed completely self deceptive. ⭐️ I understand the greater force to develop and grow spiritually. My intention is to hopefully help make your journey little less painful and feel a little less lonely. I am here to listen, offer spiritual guidance through tarot and oracle messages, and energy healing work. Most importantly, to create a spiritual safe space if it is what is needed. ⭐️ I offer compassionate and honest readings. My intention is always to come from a genuine place of love and kindness. All guidance is subject to your interpretation. Every reading is confidential. I look forward to speaking with you.


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