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I am a naturally gifted psychic and spiritual healer born from a strong line of healers and readers, and I have many years of experience in reading for and consulting others. I have worked in psychic and chakra healings studios. I have studied the metaphysical & divinity and worked with powerful psychics and spiritualists, some of them from my own family, to understand and tune my abilities. I have been a professional reader for many years now; however, I always could read people and their situations; from a young age, I have been able to pick up on the energy and vibrations around people, communicate with angels and spirit guides, as well as read chakras and auras Being able to connect on such a deep spiritual and emotional level allows me to understand situations and uncover blockages.


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5.00 (2)

Jeanny 26 Mar

Very sweet and hope everything will be alright. !! Will come back soon ..


EllyMac 24 Feb