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Hello everyone my name is Leatha, I’m known as IntuitivelyPossible and IntuitiveEmpress. I have had my reading ability and intuition since I was a little girl. I can sense emotions, and vibes (good or bad). I work along with my spirit guide and intuition to deliver the best readings possible to you all. Also, I look forward to putting smiles on your faces. I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT sugar coat my readings I tell you what you need to hear 👂 and not what you want to hear 👂. I am very BLUNT and HONEST and also COMPASSIONATE at the same time. I am non-judgemental and I love when my clients tell me I’m straight to the point and down to earth. I don’t sell fake dreams or wolf tickets if you don't want HONEST and BLUNT readings then I’m not the advisor for you! — Everyone is entitled to their opinions about the readings I do for them! however, DO NOT give a false/low review because you felt offended. I TELL 100% truth regardless. We are ALL adults here and we need honesty! MY SPIRITUAL GIFTS 🤎 - Clairsentient (ability to feel) - Clairempathy (ability to feel emotion) - Clairvoyant (ability to see) - Claircognizance (ability to know) I DO READ: LOVE 💕 MARRIAGES💍 & DIVORCES RELATIONSHIPS❤️/BREAKUPS💔 PAST LIFE 🧿 CAREER & GUIDANCE 💼 ANGEL NUMBERS 🦋 SPIRIT GUIDE MESSAGES 4️⃣4️⃣4️⃣ I DON’T DO/READ: 🚫 PREGNANCY 🤰🏽 🚫 MEDICAL ADVICE 👩🏾‍⚕️ 🚫 PASSED LOVED ONES (MEDIUMSHIP) 🪦 🚫 TIMEFRAMES (God gave us our own free will and that changes outcomes) please do not ask for timeframes. ⏱ 🚫 LEGAL ADVICE ⚖️ 🚫GAMBLING 🦋 THE ONLY TOOLS used along with my readings: Pendulum, Tarot Cards, and Oracle Cards. ⚠️ CAUTION ⚠️ I can also pick up if anyone is trying to test my abilities by providing false info or just making anything up. if I catch it you will be given false information and will be BLOCKED from services with me immediately!


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