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I am an intuitive Psychic law of attraction expert who works with my beautiful guides (including spirit) who tap into your energy and supply me with the answers you are looking for. I will only give you honest, accurate advice with timeframes if I am given them. I specialize in: ❤️ Love Relationships 👮 Career Guidance 👁️ Past and Future Life Paths Please, as per the terms of TB, I am not allowed to read on the following matters:- 🗃️ Legal ❌ 🏥 Health ❌ 💵 Financial ❌ 💬 LIVE Chat Live Chat is also available at selected times, so keep a lookout for that. ⏮️PAST Experience Over many years I have coached and guided thousands of people like YOU to achieve their goals and desires. I gain answers to essential questions through energy and spiritual connections and can help you with every aspect of your life. Once you get it, you get it! Once you understand, you can get the answers and directions to anything you want. 💕 Relationship Advice - Love - Marriage - do they love me? - are they thinking of me? Will my ex come back? Should I move on? 💕 🌈LGBT Friendly - we are equal and in love 🌈 LOVE Readings I will need your first name only, Date of Birth, and the same for POI if it involves them. 💻 CAREER Questions? Am I in the wrong Job? What am I doing wrong? Do I need to change something? 💻 🎆 SPIRITUAL - Past Future what do you desire to know. Is someone looking over me?🎆 ⏳TIMEFRAMES - My guides often give me highly accurate timeframes; however, please know free will can take place and energy changes - I will provide you with advice to help you if I am given a timeframe ⏳ ❎PLEASE note. DON'T order from me if you are not prepared to hear the truth; I will not sugar coat; I will tell you what your energy field and guides say at this time. Energy changes continuously; remember this. Please don't leave negative feedback as everything comes from your current energy and the guides, allow the timeframes to flow first, and speak to me for clarification if needed or if you don't understand if you leave a negative review before letting things unfold, we have negative vibrations now so I will not read for you further - I will only answer one clarifying question❎ Love, Peace and True Happiness to you All


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EllyMac 24 Feb