Lady Phoenix

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🔮 I offer 30 years of experience and am here to help you find answers to your questions as well as an empathetic ear. Through my intuition and other methods, I am able to offer empowerment and a clear direction to your situation. 🐉 I also offer dragon spirit guide readings where I get the messages and descriptions of your Dragon and what you need to know currently. This reading will take a minimum of 15 minutes. ⭐️ I am very direct with my answers and very compassionate to everyone’s situation. I am sympathetic to everyone and non-judgemental. 🌜 I can help you with dream interpretation, because every dream is a subconscious message from the universe. 🧿 Please make sure you give me your birthdate and the birthdate of your POI, as well as Supporting background details. The reason for this is so that I can pinpoint the exact energy and not confuse energies around the situation. If you do not give me details I may pick up on an energy surrounding you and not the one that you are asking about!!! ⛔️ I can help you with love, career, or any other situation. I CANNOT advise you on any health issues, pregnancy or legal and financial advice.


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4.50 (6)

Megan85 11 Jan

Thanks , hard to believe what she says ..but I want to !so finger crossed 🤞 I’ll keep you posted


kio 06 Sep

made no sense


Hila 13 Aug

Thanks so much you confirm exactly what I was feeling ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Alisha B.  22 Jul

Great reading! She connected well and immediately with the situation. Thank you!


Steve R. 10 Jun

Prediction come to pass in less then a week as she said !!! ( getting a job in current month )