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I am a fourth generation psychic. ✨Born into a gypsy family of Psychic 🔮fortunetellers I have been giving accurate psychic readings and spiritual counseling for over 20 years. I am a 🌸spiritual life coach 🍀and lightworker. Usually readings will take a minimum of 15 ⏰minutes. ❤️‍🔥I am very direct 🎯with my answers and compassionate to everyone situation. I understand that everyone’s situation is different because of that I am very sympathetic and non-judge mental. I can help you with your dream ☁️interpretation because every dream is a subconscious message from the universe I can help you figure out what your dreams ⛅️mean. Please be sure to give me a first names of anyone involved in your situation some context and a specific question. This is so I can pinpoint the exact energy 💫and not confuse energies around the situation. I would love to help you with love 🌹career or other situation that is on your mind. Please understand I cannot advise you on any health issues pregnancy or legal and financial advice. I’m looking so forward to helping you manifest the future you desire.🌞🍀


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5.00 (1)

Kevin 08 Jun